1. Introduction.

T10 light bulbs are often used in cars, for things such as interior lighting, side markers, licence plate lighting etc. They are also used in my garden lights, working on 12V AC. I wanted to replace them by LED versions, however it is difficult to find decent LED replacements that give enough light. Therefore I designed my own, they are bigger than commercially available T10 leds but this is not a problem for me since there is enough room in my garden light housings.

2. Schematic diagram.

Very simple schematic diagram since it basically only consist of a rectifier and a voltage regulator. Power input (AC or DC 12V) is connected to PAD1 and PAD2. The led strips are connected to PAD3-PAD4 (more LED strips can be added to PAD5-PAD10). For better performance it is adviced to use a low drop voltage regulator for IC1 in stead of the old 7812, for instance the CT2940-12.

Eagle schematic diagram

3. PCB.

Eagle PCB
PDF file PCB, top side
PDF file PCB, bottom side

4. Construction examples.

Four separate strips of 5 cm 3 leds each

Spiral version, 40 cm, 48 leds.

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