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2000 cc 55 kW normal fuel engine VW LT 28 with LPG installation

coocking device with 3 plates

electronic ignition


dimensions: 5 m x 2 m, hight 2m60

boiler for hot water (dish and shower) (LPG)

living space with 6 windows

watertank 67 liters

2 LPG tanks (engine and living space, 70 and 26 liters)

waste water tank 30 liters

shower with toilet porta potti

waterlevel measuring device (8 levels + empty-indication)

4 sleeping places (2 adults and 2 children, stapelbed)

thermometer living space

windshield with heat protection

Alarminstallation with RF remote control

230V inverter 300 watt (8 sockets)

parking camera and monitor

separate 230V inverter with socket for shaving machine

screen wiper interval device

camping sockets 230V 3 peaces

RDS radio/cassette with 10 CD changer and connection for laptop (MP3)

4 sockets 12 V

Multifunction interior lighting for cabine

Color TV

Digital satellite receiver Dreambox 500S and dish UFO Travelsat

DVB-T tv receiver Brainwave

7 peaces 12V lighting

Kleerkast, 6 voorraadkasten en buitenkastje


charger for cell phone

bike carrier for 4 bikes

digital RPM meter

solar panel 85 Watts with automatic regulating device

digital cabin compas

double battery: start 125 Ah / living space 125 Ah

living with 6 darkened windows and curtains

automatic battery charger for camping

Truma heating 2400E 2.4 kW(LPG)

earthleak interupter for camping

refrigerator LPG, 12V an 230V

wastewater level meter (8 levels + empty-indication)

central door lock with remote control


Photographed in Spa, Belgium.

Photographed in Spa, Belgium.

The inside.

The roof with the solar panel.